Why Palermo is one of the most underrated cities in Italy (and you should visit it)

A city surrounded by mountains and sea. That is my favorite combination and Palermo has this. When you want a city trip but also a bit of beach holiday, Palermo is a perfect destination. However, I rarely hear about people that spend holidays here. I have to say that before my Erasmus here, Palermo was not on my radar as well. More popular city trip and/or sun holiday destinations are Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris etc. But today I want to explain to you why you should definitely add Palermo/Sicily to your travel bucket list. Continue reading “Why Palermo is one of the most underrated cities in Italy (and you should visit it)”


Pizza, Pasta and Palermo

”Traveling. It makes you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

After I was back from Kenya for about 2 weeks, my dad started to say the same thing each time I told about Kenya. ‘Once I was in space…’ (Shout out to the people who know where this reference is from). In a series my parents and I watch frequently, one of the main characters goes to space and after returning cannot stop telling stories about the experience. Now every time I mention Kenya, he says that as a response. But I cannot help it. Kenya silenced me for a few moments; made me think. Only ever since I came back, I have plenty to say about it. Traveling does make you a storyteller. I love that about traveling. It creates so much memories, moments so precious. ‘Remember the time we tried to eat sushi in Italy? What a joke!’ or ‘Remember that time we saw 7 cheetahs in one day? Such an amazing experience!’.

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ERASMUS: a new chapter

One week. Only one freaking week and I will step on a plane to Palermo, Italy. I can’t describe to you how nervous I am. 5 whole months I will live there. Its exciting too though. Don’t get me wrong; I want to do this more than anything. The nerves are good nerves. Healthy nerves.

Obviously I want to write some nice little posts about this experience. After all, this blog is kind of my not so secret-diary. It is rather therapeutic to write your thoughts down sometimes, I can recommend it to everyone.
I want to kick off this series of blogposts (called Erasmus, in honor of the people who gave me money to do this expensive experience) I wanted to write down my lists of things that I need to get done before leaving. So much to do still *freaks out in silence* *mental breakdown*. Continue reading “ERASMUS: a new chapter”