Pizza, Pasta and Palermo

”Traveling. It makes you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

After I was back from Kenya for about 2 weeks, my dad started to say the same thing each time I told about Kenya. ‘Once I was in space…’ (Shout out to the people who know where this reference is from). In a series my parents and I watch frequently, one of the main characters goes to space and after returning cannot stop telling stories about the experience. Now every time I mention Kenya, he says that as a response. But I cannot help it. Kenya silenced me for a few moments; made me think. Only ever since I came back, I have plenty to say about it. Traveling does make you a storyteller. I love that about traveling. It creates so much memories, moments so precious. ‘Remember the time we tried to eat sushi in Italy? What a joke!’ or ‘Remember that time we saw 7 cheetahs in one day? Such an amazing experience!’.


I arrived in Palermo, Italy exactly one week ago. Time flew by. We settled in to our beautiful apartment (we are extremely lucky; marmer floors, big rooms and gorgeous view). The city is beautiful too; historic and great food. Exactly what you expect from Italy. Also the people are as Italian as they get. Our landlord even shouted ‘mamma mia’ today.
The Italians are not great with English (most of them can say three things: hello, sorry no English and bye). But they are so kind, even want to help you find your way while explaining in Italian. You learn the language quickly this way, which is only beneficial for my roomies and I. The food, as I said, is great. Super fresh vegetables, delicious home made pizza and restaurants and cafes on every corner. A foodie like me belongs here.

Tomorrow we go to a town called Mondello. Although Palermo is a city next to the sea, there is no actual beach. You have to go to this place for some sand. It is 19 degrees tomorrow, such a treat. The weather here is as good as it gets in Europe at the moment I think.

Buona sera x


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