ERASMUS: a new chapter

One week. Only one freaking week and I will step on a plane to Palermo, Italy. I can’t describe to you how nervous I am. 5 whole months I will live there. Its exciting too though. Don’t get me wrong; I want to do this more than anything. The nerves are good nerves. Healthy nerves.

Obviously I want to write some nice little posts about this experience. After all, this blog is kind of my not so secret-diary. It is rather therapeutic to write your thoughts down sometimes, I can recommend it to everyone.
I want to kick off this series of blogposts (called Erasmus, in honor of the people who gave me money to do this expensive experience) I wanted to write down my lists of things that I need to get done before leaving. So much to do still *freaks out in silence* *mental breakdown*.

  1. Get your suitcase ready.

A quite important one. Tips: add extra suitcases to your flight ticket. I can now bring 2 20kg suitcases, I pray that will be enough. Also, besides cloths, try to find out what kind of products are more expensive in the country you are going to. For instance, medicine is super expensive in Italy. In the Netherlands, ibuprofen is about 1 euros per 20. You can apparently add a zero to the ibuprofen in Italy. But also think of your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc. Just bring the things that are too darn expensive, so you spare yourself some extra money when you get there. Cause you can buy pizza with that money. (at least, I can cause well Italy)

Also, think of things that make you feel at home. Going abroad for a longer time can cause some homesickness, even with the diehard travelers. Think of your comforts in your room/house. Pictures, cds/dvds, pillows, or just little random objects. Don’t take big objects with you though, you don’t have that much space.

2. Get all your papers ready.

Think of: Plane ticket, acceptation University (when you go to one of course), insurance policy, make copies of your passport and bankpass(es). These things you probably all have online, but when you travel it is more easy to have it all in tangible version too. In your own country you probably know what to do when something goes missing/gets stolen. Abroad this can be tricky. Just be prepared.

3. Get yourself ready.

Go to the doctors for a final check up, get your standard medicins, go to the dentist, check if you have an insurance that covers you abroad and go get your hair cut at your hair salon. All things that you might not want to do abroad, because that is just to much difficulties.

Also, plan your goodbyes. Not that you are leaving forever, but it is nice to have a dinner with your friends and a quick visit to your family. Host a party. What ever you feel appropriate. (On the picture above you actually see my party; Italian style of course)


2 Replies to “ERASMUS: a new chapter”

  1. I totally understand how you’re feeling – finally arrived at my Erasmus destination Lisbon yesterday and it doesn’t feel real at all. Hope you’re going to enjoy Italy ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am just reading your comment now, so bad in responding haha. Hope you enjoy Lisbon, been there last year and it is a beautiful city especially for students in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

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