KENYA: the other side

A country like Kenya has lots of different sides. Maybe as a tourist, you won’t see much more than the luxurious ‘too good to be African’ lodges and villas, with western foods and toilets. Because Kenya still, even though there is in fact lots of development, has poverty and corruption. I am lucky to discover both sides. After 4 weeks spend in the Masai Mara, the south-western part of Kenya, I find myself now at the east cost of Kenya.

We stay in an absolutely gorgeous villa, which we rented through Airbnb. After the Mara (and Uganda; the other 3 people we are here with did their research there) we craved a more tropical climate. So the east coast of Kenya was a perfect destination. We are now in Diani Beach, about 30 km south of Mombasa. It is everything you need when you want a dreamy, sunny and relaxing holiday. Big house with a pool, sunshine the whole day and a cook who makes whatever you belly desires. A strange experience if you just spend a month cooking yourself (which is a big challenge when you have to keep the cockroaches out of the pan) and slept in beds that are not really beds as much as a matress with a hole in it (weird beds). I feel like I experienced two extremes, with Nairobi as a perfect middle of those two extremes.


Anyways, I am enjoying myself in the ‘sunny’ side of Kenya. While writing this, our cook is making us breakfast, which is still a bit weird (I can obviously also make my own breakfast) and after we’re going to lay next to the pool and work on our tan. BTW, how’s the Netherlands? Hehe.


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