KENYA: stuck in the middle of nowhere


As I am writing this, the rain is pouring. Finally, because the land is so dry here. It suppose to be rain season at the moment in Kenya, but the climate change keeps the rain away.

Two days ago Lara and I arrived in the small Masai village where we are going to do our research. Remember that I wrote about the culture shock I had in Nairobi? Well, that was nothing compared with what I felt when I arrived here. The village, Nkoilale, is nothing more that a primary school and a few shops. There are no ‘Western’ toilets and no showers, just a bucket. Everyone speaks English here, which is comforting, and the people are so friendly. They are so educated here and have so much ambition. But to suddenly end up in a place that has literally nothing, is rather shocking and hard to process. I could tell you that I absolutely love it here at the moment, and that I never want to leave. But I don’t. I do think it is absolutely fasinating here and the Masai culture is amazing. And Lara and I are lucky, we stay in the most fancy house there is here in this small village. But it is hard to adapt to the ‘back to basics’.

Next week we will start with our research, which is about a possible Vocational Training Centre in Nkoilale. We will conduct data about the needs the people here have when it comes to education concerning skills. I am excited to start the research and I will keep my blog updated as much as possible!


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