KENYA: a whole new world

Ironic, ‘city under the sun’ but only clouds today…

So many firsts in only 24 hours. First solo flight, first time in the Middle East, first time in Africa, first time that I crossed the equator…

Did you know that on ships, it is a big deal the first time you cross the equator? In the Navy, it is called the Crossing the Line Ceremony (Neptunus ritueel in Dutch) apparently. The evening before I left, my uncle told me about it.

The moment I stept out of the plane in Nairobi, I did not know if I should be worried or excited or both. So many feels. I have to say, of what I have seen, Kenya is beautiful and the people are really nice. But the streets of Nairobi are chaos, I have never seen anything like it. Most people are driving like maniacs and other are just casually walking through all the car madness. Next to that, roads are not fantastic and buildings around it are sometimes at breaking point. But I also see the development of Kenya: smartphones everywhere and giant banners everywhere (even from Pretty Little Liars, that was so surprising) from brands and other things most of the people cannot even affort. It is such a contrast, I might be a little culture-shocked.

I met up with Lara in the hotel we are staying (you can see the rooftop of the hotel on the picture above; look at that view!). She already made a lot of friends here in the past view days, and already introduced me to a Ugandan gir

Maybe I should get some rest now, because I have been up for a solid 30 hours now and I am so sleepy. Tomorrow the journey continues, to the Masai tribes in the South of Kenya….


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