BELGIUM: chocolate and waffle paradise

Who does not love Belgian chocolate? A warm waffle? The real Flemish fries? I know I do love me some Belgian foods.

So this Autumn break, my friends and I decided to pay a visit to Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp is rather close to the Netherlands, it might as well be a part of it. When you cross the border, it is only a train ride of 20 minutes before you arrive at the most beautiful station I have ever seen. People often say that Central Station in New York City is the most beautiful one, but I seriously doubt that now.


As usual, we booked an apartment via AirBnb. We stayed in the middle of the historic centre, one street away from the Groenplaats square and almost across the Hilton hotel.


My friends and I did not want to do to much, so we basically only strolled through the streets and enjoyed the historic buildings and the many, many restaurants. We were all so surprised how much restaurants, cafes and bars there were in our neighborhood. And not just Belgian food either. No, no. I think I have never seen so much Italian restaurants next to each other in my life. It almost looked like Little Italy. I am pretty sure from every cuisine in the world, Antwerp had a restaurant. We stayed above a Croatian restaurant, across the street there was a Greek one and so on. The diversity was great, but it almost seemed like Antwerp had a cultural identity crisis. And damn, it was hard to pick were to eat with so many choices.

The first night we eat at Amadeus, which I can definitely recommend. Not because of the food, because although I like spareribs (that is their specialty and they have other than that a very limiting menu), they weren’t exceptionally good. But the atmosphere they created was a-maz-ing. Never seen a restaurant like this, it was almost as if we got taken back in time. The walls were all covert with books. Thousands of books, everywhere you looked. It had a very authentic feel to it.


Another must see is the Antwerp Zoo. Unfortunately we visited the Zoo when it was under construction, which was a shame. But what I could see of it, was great. They had lots of animals and especially ones that other Zoo’s I have visited did not have. I still find it sad how small the cages of the animals are though, but I have that problem with every Zoo. Now you might ask: if you find it so sad, why do you visit a Zoo? You will only support this concept! That is true, but I do feel like we can learn a lot from animal behavior and it interests me a lot. I guess it is a bit double. Anyways, here are some pictures of the Zoo.



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