ITALY: the floating city

City of bridges, city of water, Queen of the Adriatic Sea, La Dominante, La Serenissima and Venezia. All names for one city: Venice.

This summer, I finally got to visit this extraordinary city in Italy. 117 small islands, separated by water but connected by bridges. It was on my bucket list and I am so glad I have crossed this one of my list. Venice is definitely a special one, different that any other city I have ever visited. My family and I only stayed in Venice for one night, but we got to see plenty. We stayed in a hotel a few miles from the city centre, in a district called Mestre. I recommend booking a hotel there, since staying in the city centre is rather expensive. Within 15 minutes you are in the centre of Venice from Mestre and I found the bus ride there so interesting. This because when you drive toward the centre, you see really well how Venice is located: on water. You really get the nickname ‘floating city’ when you arrive.

Since we only were in Venice for a day, we did not plan much. We just wanted to see the highlights and feel the atmosphere. Walking around and getting lost in the small streets will give you a great taste of the city. There are people everywhere. And not just people: tourists. I think about 70 percent of the people strolling on the streets are not even Italian, let alone Venetians. This made me feel like I was in Disney Land or some other amusement park. It was as if no one actually lives in Venice. I’ve never had this in when on a city trip and it was a strange feeling. Don’t get me wrong, people live in Venice. In fact, 60.000 people live in the historic centre along according to Wikipedia. So with this fact in mind, it was rather weird that the locals seems to be hiding. Which now that I think about it, I would do too with that much asian tourists in group of 50.

Venice has some beautiful historic landmarks, such as the San Marco square and the many, many, many bridges. I can tell you all I want about the gorgeous monuments of Venice, but seeing it would be better I’m sure. So here are some pictures I took.


Overall, Venice is worth visiting. But for some reason, I have a feeling that Venice would bore me after a few days. One day was enough to get an idea of the city and see the main landmarks. I’m sure there are also some nice museums to visit and it is a great shopping-location as far as I could see. Maybe I will go back some day, to explore some more and maybe find some locals…

All images in this post are made and owned by me. 


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