PORTUGAL: family holidays in the algarvé

Hi people, I’m back! It is already February and the last time I posted it was still 2014. Time flies!

Yesterday I was scrolling through my photos of past holidays, which always makes me happy. Maybe the best holiday I’ve had in the past decade was our trip to beautiful Portugal, with my whole family. Portugal is definitely a country that won my heart, I love the food and the surroundings of the Algarve. Algarve is the most southern part of Portugal and as well the most sunny. In this part the famous party-destination Albufeira lies and I stayed in a close town near Albufeira, named Olhos d’Agua. This is the smallest seaside town, with small, stoned roads and tiny shops on the boulevard. If you want to go to Portugal and have a relaxed holiday without drunk teens, go here. Or, go in the fall to Albufeira. No party people there then, and I like it so much more.


Coffee and Pastéis de Nata, which are small, extremely rich custard tarts. They are so delicious.
Sunset at the beach. I think I love the giant rocks on the cost the most, you can walk on them and you can walk from Olhos d’Agua to Albufeira on the rocks.

More reasons why you should go to Portugal:

1. The food. The food. THE FOOD. They have much fish in their cuisine, which I personally love (fish are friends not food). Also, the pastries are yummy and the drinks like Galao, which I wrote about before I think, is delicious.
2. The language is beautiful. My grandma speaks Portugese fluently, and it always sounds so pretty. I would love to learn it one day.
3. The sea and the boulevards. If you like the sea, (of course you do) then you will love the Algarve.
4. For the alcoholics under us, Port (a type of wine) is from Portugal and it is very tasty.

Obrigada! (Thank you in Portugese, the only word I know in Portugese haha)


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